Fiction Friday 2013

Fiction Friday is back!!

Fiction Friday is a weekly linky party for teachers to connect with each other about books and share thoughts, opinions, reviews, and lesson ideas around the books we love and the new ones we discover.Chapter books and pictures books welcome! So, come on by every Friday and Link UP!

Here are some of the books I have discovered this summer.

Click the book to view the whole review.

 Beginning Chapter Book
Grades 2-3 (RL 3.0)
Read Aloud K-2

Grades 3-5 (RL 4.4)
Read Aloud 2-5
Good for Book Club

Grades 3-5 (RL 4.5)
Read Aloud 3-4

Grades 2-4 (RL 2.8)
Read Aloud K-2

Grades 3-5 (RL 4.7)
Read Aloud 3-5
Good for Book Club

 Grades 3-5 (RL 3.7)
Read Aloud 3-5

 Grades 4-8
Inspired by The Secret Garden
Vocabulary Rich

 Picture Book
Pre-K and up
Writing Mentor Text

 Grades 3-5 (RL 4.7)

Adventure Series Book
Grades 3-5
Great read aloud!

 Picture Book
Grades 2-5

 Picture Book
Grades K-5
Grades 3-5 (RL 4.6)
Read Aloud 3-5


  1. I am going to the library right now to pick up a copy of Edgar Allan's Official Crime Investigation Notebook. I do a detective theme in my room, so it sounds like it would fit in wonderfully with that, and maybe with strategy lessons on inferencing. Thanks for sharing!

    On the Trail of Learning

    1. That IS perfect for your detective theme. Your kids will love it and it is easy to pull in all sorts of strategy work with it. Enjoy!! -Amanda


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