August 9, 2013

Fiction Friday: Chapter 9

Happy Friday!

It is time for my last Fiction Friday of the summer.  Because...who am I kidding?  School is two weeks away and I am going to be consumed with all the other back to school goodness that comes with...well...going back to school. 

This week I read a great novel that I'm really excited to share.  Don't be fooled by the title.  It's actually quite good and very well written. Ready?

The Fast and the Furriest
by Andy Behrens 

Now, I know what your thinking?  Super cheesy title, right? And sorry ladies... there is no Paul Walker in this book, but it worth reading anyway.  

Kevin Pugh is the son of a football legend, but he is not what one would call a born athlete.  In fact, he hates sports and wants nothing to do with football unless it is on the Xbox. His dog is just as lazy as he is, maybe even more so.  Until the magical day when Cromwell (the dog) sees an agility competition on TV.  He becomes obsessed with agility and all of a sudden the world's laziest dog is creating his own agility courses in the backyard, demanding walks, and attempting to jump through the tire swing.  With the encouragement of his best friend, Kevin decides to support Cromwell and his dream and attempts to enroll Crowell in an agaility class. But his parents won't pay for it, because agility isn't a "real sport," so it's Kevin keeps it a secret. As Kevin starts getting into the training, he starts losing weight, becomes more agile, and finds out he has abilities beyond the sofa.

It's a classic underdog story filled with humor and love.  Pure entertainment.  Kevin is a 100% real kid and very likeable. As a dog lover, Cromwell was my favorite though.  Any dog that will jump through a tire swing, get stuck, and try again has my vote! I think lots of kids could relate to Kevin because they do live a life in front of a screen. Kevin and Cromwell encourage them to get out, try something new, not give up if it's tough, and teach them that... just maybe you might find something more rewarding than advancing to the next level on a video game.

I really enjoyed this book and will likely read it aloud to my students this year.  I mean, who doesn't love a good underdog story?!

Fast Facts:
  • Read Aloud 2-5
  • Grades 3-5 (RL 3.8)
  • 247 pages

Now, it's your turn. Please link up with your book reviews and recommendations! I love learning about new titles.  Remember to grab my linky button and link back to my somewhere on your page when you link up.  Thanks a million and happy reading!!


  1. I love the idea behind this book. You are right that so many kids need to get out and get moving. What a great message told in a fun way. Thank you for sharing this title.

    I have enjoyed participating in this linky over the summer. I purchased quite a few books based on recommendations I found here. Thank you so much for hosting!


  2. Finally linked back up. The Fast and the Furriest was a SSYRA book last year and I agree it was great. But then again, I like you, love an underdog!!!

    :) Nicole
    Tadpole Tidbits

  3. Oh, man! I just found you and now I see it's the last one! Boy, did I miss the boat! I'm really looking forward to browsing all the posts that are linked-up here. They look fantastic!

    I also host a weekly link-up on Thursdays for all things book related at my site, I'd love for you to join us anytime! Here's this week's link if you're interested:
    Have a magnificent week!


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