June 14, 2012

Calling All Bloggers, Pinners, and Readers!

Hello, hello!  Just a quick post today to tell you a few quick things.

First ...

I just added a new page on my blog called More Teaching Blogs.  If you have a teaching blog, just click the tab and add your link under the appropriate grade level.

This would help me (and others) in SO many ways:
#1 - Many blogs have uber cute blog names like The Teaching Thief but the name in NO way indicates what grade they teach. This sorts that out.  
#2 - I'm sure to discover new wonderful blogs that I have been missing out on and  by providing your link one more place, others are sure to discover your blog too.
#3 - It is just nice having it all in one place. Don't ya think? I know lots of other bloggers have this on their blogs too, but it would really help me if it was right at my fingertips.


I finally broke down and joined the world of Pinterest.  I was worried it would consume me and GUESS WHAT?  I'm checking my phone every chance I get.  I knew it would be like this.  I held out as long as I could.  But now, I have joined the masses and I'm loving it! Feel free to follow as I obsessively pin all summer.

Follow Me on Pinterest 


I just got back from the gym and spin totally kicked my bootie! I am so going to feel that tomorrow and perhaps even this afternoon. I think I have earned a few hours poolside, book in hand.

Oh, and speaking of books...check back tomorrow for the launch of Fiction Fridays: A Celebration of Children's Literature! It's going to be great!

Okay... one more thing...

Don't forget to check out my list of Web 2.0 Tools I'm looking to use next year.  I'd love to get your feedback.  Thanks!


  1. Ah...welcome to the world of pinning! You will LOVE it (as I'm sure you already do!) I just discovered your blog! I'm your newest follower and a brand new blogger. I would love for you to check out my blog.

    Teaching Maddeness

  2. Awesome! Thanks for adding the "More Bloggers" section. I added my blog! I'm now following you on Pinterest, too!

  3. I added my link to your blogger list & followed you on Pinterest! Thanks for letting us know. :)

    Learning Is Something to Treasure

  4. You're just now joining pinterest?? How have you survived without it!?! haha. I'm addicted!! I'm adding my blog to your list now :)

    Dirty Hands and Lesson Plans

  5. Thanks for the more bloggers section and LOOK OUT PINTEREST lol!

    Jessica Stanford
    Mrs. Stanford's Class
    PS I'm having a linky and would love for you to join!

  6. Welcome to Pinteresting! It's amazing!! :)

    I'm your newest follower and I just linked my blog. Thanks!


  7. I have a new blog called Seventh Heaven. You can find it here: http://7thheaveninga.blogspot.com/ I love this idea!
    Thanks, Laurie.

  8. Thanks so much for adding this section! I am a new blogger trying to get my name out there. You can find me at http://www.pencilsbooksanddirtylooks.com/


  9. Welcome to pinning!!!! Be prepared to spend many many hours on your computer. What a great idea to have all of these blogs organized in one place, I just added my name to your list.

    Simpson Superstars

  10. Just added my blog to your list! :) You will LOVE Pinterest! I can't tell you how many amazing ideas I've gotten from there!

  11. Now that you have joined the world of Pinterest, there is one thing you need to know. At some point almost every conversation you will have will likely include the phrases, "I saw that on Pinterest," or "I got the idea from Pinterest."
    Plus I added my blog to your more blogs section!



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