August 7, 2011

Top 10 Reasons You Know It's BTS

Reagan over at Tunstall's Teaching Tidbits is having a BTS Linky Party and I just had to join the fun!!

Top 10 Reasons You Know It's Back to School:

10) I buy a newspaper every Sunday to peruse the weekly specials.

9) Some sort of uncontrollable force is pulling me toward the school supply aisle of every store I go into and I have a need to buy a class set of notebooks every time I see a good deal.  You just can't beat 10 cents!

8) I have multiple To-Do lists lying around my house and classroom and they all pretty much say the same thing.  I just feel the need to write it down over and over again.

7) My body is sore from moving furniture around my room and then deciding to move it back because it looked better in its original spot.

6) My entire day is structured around the hours I can get into the school building and I have the custodians number on speed dial.

5) My hand is cramped from cutting out everything I decided "must" be laminated.

4) My tan is quickly fading... I'm a working lady again.

3) I'm already hauling around my "bag of doom," a term coined by my husband for the bag I use to bring everything from school that I plan on working on at home.

2) The folks are starting to recognize me and my drink on my morning Starbucks run.

1) My brain goes 24/7 and I can't sleep at night.  I lay awake thinking of everything I still need to do, planning things that I really want to do, and analyzing the things I need to do, plan to do, and have already done.


  1. Thanks for making me laugh! I love, love, love your title, too! Blessings and peace,


    Second Grade Strategies for Sizzlin' Second Graders!

    The Yellow Rocking Chair

  2. Just found your blog, and am now a follower!

    Quench Your First

  3. ok seriously... bag of doom?..I LOVE that! I am stealing won't mind you are a thief apparently! ha! Thanks so much for linking up!

  4. I love your list!! Bag of doom is a perfect name for a school bag! I'm your new follower, I love finding 4th grade teachers.

  5. You couldn't have said it better. :)


  6. lol--bag of doom! my bag of doom got too full, so i'm already pulling around my rolling cart of doom! :)


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