August 4, 2015

Top 10: Best Things about the Start of the School Year

August is here. It's hard to believe...this summer has sailed by.  I'm not sure I'm fully ready to go back, but ready or not school is just around the corner. I do know I'm ready to start buying school supplies and back to school clothes.  I already scored some spectacular TPT products during the BTS15 sale.

It's also time for the monthly Top 10 list link-up with Hailey at The Third Grade Nest.

This month the topic is...(well, what else?!?)... back to school!

1. New supplies are simply the best.

2. I'm chomping at the bit to see my roster this year. Will I have any siblings?!  I hope so. I love getting to keep families from year to year.

3. Choosing a first day outfit means going back to school clothing shopping.  I'll probably need to get a few outfits, so I have choices for the first day... right?

4. A new year brings a blank slate. I love that. No time to dwell on the things I wish I had done better. The time to push forward is here. Go forth and conquer!

5. I love books.  Organizing and restocking my library is a huge part of my classroom set-up, but it's pretty much my happy place.

6. Setting up my classroom is one of my greatest joys. Everything is so clean and so organized. It will never look like that ever again during the year, but that's okay, lol. Sometimes learning is messy. :)

7. Routine makes me happy. 

8. There is nothing better than seeing your former student run into your room, scream, and give you a big hug!

9. It's finally time to try out all those create bulletin board ideas I've been pinning on Pinterest. Here's to hoping I have enough wall space.

10. And the final reason back to school is the best is... that school is starting. I still love school. I love learning new things, creating projects, playing games, and doing activities. I may be the teacher now, but school has always been an exciting and wonderful place for me to be. I hope I can continue to create that experience in my classroom and truly foster a love of learning in the children that walk through my classroom door each day.

What do you love about going back to school?  Please tell.

Hop on over to The Third Grade Nest to link up and join the fun!

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  1. Aww yes, all of these! Esp. number 1! I'm still on the hunt for my #3 ;)

    Anisa @ Creative Undertakings


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