August 3, 2015

Building Problem Solvers One Cowpoke at a Time

As I'm sure you've heard, TODAY is the day! It is back to school shopping at Teachers Pay Teachers!

My whole store is 20% off and with the addeded TPT bonus code BTS15, you save 28%! It's hard to beat.

Now...not to shamelessly promote, but...I do want to highlight one little product I especially love (and so did my students!) just in case you are looking to add one more small thing to your cart.

One of my favorite items in my store are my Wild-West Problem Solving Task Cards. This great resources will challenging students by applying their learning, extend their thinking, and building better problem solving skills.

These 10 task cards have a Western theme and cover a range of skills across 4th grade (both Texas and Common Core approved). All the problems are multi-step and challenge the student to think all the way through the problem. My students loved working with partners to solve and check as they went through the problems.

One of my favorite things about task cards is that they can be used so many ways, making them a versatile resources and classroom staple.

This set of cards includes quarter page task cards for small groups and also full sheet task cards for around the room problem solving. 

You also get two choices for answer documents. There is a traditional one page answer sheet AND a template for students to make their very own problem solving booklet with clip art to match the clip art on the task cards.

This task-card set was designed as a review of 4th grade material making it a great review for 4th graders before testing or end of the year, AND a great  beginning of the year review for 5th grade. 

Click any of the images above to learn more about the Wild West Problem Solving Task Cards.  They are a great deal anytime, but especially over the next 2 days.  :)

Happy shopping!!

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