June 10, 2015

2014-2015 Year in a Nutshell

The moment when you log in to your beloved blog,  look at your last posting date, and realize it was back in August?!?

Gulp. Yup. August. Oops!

Regardless... Happy Summer!

I hope to reconnect with many old and new followers. I can't wait to hear about your year (the highs and lows), share exciting teaching ideas, reboot Fiction Friday, and more!

It's going to be a good three months of blogging!  LOL.

First, let's get caught up... cliff notes style.

I moved to a new school this year and I love it! The students, parents, and staff are all amazing! It has been a truly incredible year.

One of my favorite highlights from the year was my birthday. I have never felt more special.  My class (and parents) made it a day I will never forget. The kids organized a surprise book drive to stock pile our classroom library.  How awesome is that?!? They knew how much I love books!! And then... there was the cake. Simply incredible. Huge shout out to Cupcake Couture for this masterpiece!

Although I moved schools, I am still teaching 4th grade and we survived the year with the new Texas math standards! Whew!

More on those pesky standards later...I'd love to hear your thoughts Texas teachers, especially if you are also using Go Math. I know some of you have been feeling my pain.

My husband and I have been domestic jet setters this year. We traveled to NYC in February for a weekend. It was the most beautiful place but it was FREEZING!! I still can't believe we walked around Manhattan all day in 29 degrees with a windchill putting it around 17 degrees. I wasn't worried when my hands burned, I was worried when I could not longer feel my hands! Brrr!!

As a book nerd, this was one of my favorite stops. Of course... I had to stop and take a picture!!

Then, we took a commuter train to Poughkeepsie. Here is the view out of the train window. Incredible, huh?  It looked like the world had been frozen in time.

In March, we headed out to LA for another weekend. We both love to travel, so even though they were quick weekend trips, we had a great time getting out and seeing new things and spending time with friends. We spent some time in Venice Beach and Santa Monica - both very cool places.

The beach was amazing, but the coffee... was glorious!!

In May, my husband graduated from law school! Woo hoo! He is know knee-deep in studying for the bar. I tell you... I do NOT envy him. It is so much work, but I am so incredible proud of him!

My 4th graders won the district Battle of the Books championship! Definitely one of my proudest teacher moments!! They are reading rock stars!

Summer officially started this past Monday and I officially started my part-time gig at Starbucks!! My students were worried there wouldn't be enough coffee left for me to serve the customers, but I assured them that I have my limits.  :) 

Until next time... happy summer!  Enjoy every relaxing moment.

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  1. Welcome back! I know it almost time for summer when I see your posts pop up in my feed again! ;) I'm glad you had a good school year!

    :) Kaitlyn
    Smiles and Sunshine


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