April 30, 2012

Gallon Man...Fiesta Style!

Viva Fiesta!!

As those living in San Antonio already know last week was Fiesta.  

Fiesta is San Antonio's biggest P-A-R-T-Y! This year there were over 100 events in 11 days including parades, concerts, coronations, exhibits, festivals, athletic events, and more. What fun!

So...to celebrate Fiesta and the completion of our state test, we had a little FUN!

 Thus...Gallon Man...Fiesta Style!

Gallon Man is an old classic.  It was the perfect activity for my students after testing all week.  They colored their little hearts out and then we added the San Antonio flair.

 Ahhh.. aren't they the cutest?!?  They really took pride in their Gallon Men People.

We wrapped up the day with cascarones. Hooray for confetti eggs!

At the end of the egg smashing, there was confetti EVERYWHERE! On the floor... in the desks... in the supply cups... in my hair! I will probably be discovering confetti in the most random places for the rest of the year.  The custodians were amazing when they saw my room.  She sighed and said, "Ah... they sure do love Fiesta!" Thanks for being so great ladies!


  1. Very cute and fun! Do you have a template for the Gallon Man?

    1. At this time I don't have an electronic template for Gallon Man. The original is pulled out of the file cabinet each year and copied for the kids. I did not design him, but if I get permission from my team, I'll scan in our originals and post. :)

  2. LOVE Book clubs too! I'm your newest follower :) Found you on the Teaching Blog Addict for 4th grade teachers. Would love you to stop by my blog :)


  3. I am a brand new follower, and a brand new fourth grade teacher! Im jumping from first to fourth next year. You have lots of great ideas! Cant wait to read more.



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