September 8, 2011

Super Easy Mosiac Art Proejct

This is a very easy art project that I have used during the first few weeks of school in years past.  Every child in your room will be successful and they look wonderful on the wall all year long.  

Materials: black square construction paper, small square pieces of construction paper in many colors, scissors, glue

1) Have students use a pencil to create an border on the black paper.  They will need to glue all paper squares inside the border.

2) Display a color wheel and briefly discuss how colors directly across from each other are complimentary. Click here for information on complimentary colors.

3) Students use pre-cut squares to create the first letter of their first name.  The letter should be all the same color.  Students can choose any color they want.  Kids can trim edges to create smaller shapes, but should stick to squares and rectangles. 
(Note: You do not have to pre-cut squares, I just prefer to use the large cutter in the workroom and save time.)

4) Have students choose the complimentary color for their background.  The goal is to cover the space completely.  You can overlap squares if you want to create more of a collage look or stick to a strictly mosaic look that has some black shining through.

5) Let it all dry and then make a super cute bulletin board!

That's it!  Easy peasy!

I like to tie this project into another back to school favorite - What's in a Name? I think I first discovered this activity a few years back on Scholastic and I've seen it on lots of websites since.  Nothing new here, but in case you need a copy, here ya go!  

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