September 7, 2011

Array Assessment for Investigations

My 4th graders are kicking the year off in math with arrays.  We use the TERK  Investigations curriculum and have just finished the first part of Unit 1. 

Below is the assessment that I created to test their knowledge and skills after the first investigation.  The questions are designed to be more like the STAAR test.  I included several problems where students had to explain their answers and the last problem is very challenging.  It is two steps and uses larger numbers.  My team found this to be very helpful, so I thought I would share with the blog world too.  Maybe someone else out there is teaching 4th Grade Investigations in Texas and needs a more rigorous assessment to prepare out students for a more rigorous test.*wink wink*

Here you go...


  1. I love this! We also use Investigations and would love you to share any more of your assessments. We are in VA and our SOL assessments are just as (bad) rigorous as in Texas! Many thanks!


  2. Hi Leslie! I'm so glad it was helpful. I realized (even after proof reading several times) that it had some errors. I will correct and repost on google docs. I will happily share anything else I create. Thanks for following! ~Amanda

  3. Thanks for sharing this! My teammates and I were developing assessments similar to this just today. We use Investigations and found that some assessments were good, some okay and some not so good. Thanks for providing this example.

    1. Awesome! I'm so glad it was helpful! ~Amanda


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