August 7, 2011

Classroom Update #2

On Friday, I returned to my classroom and finished up what I could. (See my first classroom update to see how it all began.)  My goal was to get as much done as possible so that I can take off all (or at least most) of next week and enjoy the last days of summer.

And... the classroom library is finished! I feel compelled to share with everyone that the wall is not actually  THAT green.  It's bright, don't get me wrong, but it is not straight up lime.  It's softer and prettier... I promise.

This is my book award wall.  It's new to me this year and I am so excited about it! I got the idea from Beth Newingham. (Seriously, she is amazing!) I think my kids will really love voting on books and I am all for anything and everything that gets them excited about reading!!
Check out Beth's Scholastic post on Classroom Book Awards here!

 My computer station is hooked up and ready to go.  It isn't very pretty right now, but I will be covering those icky walls with anchor charts soon enough. I'm just happy that everything is functioning and I will not need to put any kind of work order in for my student computers! Whoo hoo!!

In my new room, I took action to get more white board space! I found a great deal at Staples for these mini boards... only $10 each.  I got two up and realized their was room for a 4th (yipee!), so I'm going to look this weekend for another deal.  Perhaps cork this time?!?

The best part about these $10 boards is that they are magnetic. My board before (far left) wasn't and you don't realize how much you rely on magnetic surfaces until you don't have them anymore.  I'm so excited.

So, as you can see I've been busy this week. Since I am changing grades this year, I wanted the week before school to be spent mostly on curriculum and planning.  Speaking of curriculum... I still need some of that.  My team is going from 5 teachers to 7, so we are waiting for books and TEs to arrive any day now. Oh... and I am still waiting on desks.  Oh teaching... always an adventure.  Once everything is altogether, I will post the "finished product."  


  1. Amanda-

    Your room looks awesome!! I love your classroom library, so organized! The book award wall is fabulous. Tell me more about the smaller whiteboards you put up. Did you put them up on the wall or is there a chalkboard behind them? Great idea! My classroom only has a chalkboard...good thing it's magnetic because I don't write on it. Yuck!

    Nice work! Can't wait to see it completely finished. Hope you have a great start to your year.


  2. Thanks Jessica! It has been fun getting everything together. The smaller white boards that I put up were just to extend my board space. Behind all the white boards is a chalk board, but we are a allergy friendly school so we don't use chalk. Some teachers use the chalk board as more wall space, but I wanted a place for students to work. I'm really happy with the way it turned out and know it will work for my teaching style. Thanks for stopping by and commenting!! :) ~Amanda

  3. I love the white boards. Mine is one of the only classrooms in my school with a chalk board. I've never thought about allergies of my students either! How did you attach the white boards to the chalk board?

  4. I used Command Strips to attach the white boards. It was super easy! Four strips on the back four corners and up it goes. Command strips have become one of my favorite classroom tools. They stick to anything, never fall down, and come off the walls without leaving any residue. Love it! ~Amanda

  5. I love the book award wall! I would have just LOVED that when I was a kid. It looks great and should really help the reluctant readers get more excited. :)

  6. Your room looks great!! One of my co-workers just changed over to your colors. I'll have to show her these pics. Your library look really good. I can't wait for mine to get all sassy like that. I can't join the party yet cuz my room is soooo not done!!

    Thoughts of a Third Grade Teacher

  7. I love the book award idea and the way that you hung the frames! It looks like you cut your bulletin in 3rds with divider strips... ? I love that! It makes for more room! Cute cute cute! You truly are moving right along!

  8. I have a HUGE whiteboard in my room that is not magnetic..... so I understand your need for magnetic whiteboards!! And thanks for the link to the book awards idea!

    Marvelous Multiagers!

  9. What a great idea for the whiteboards. Although it is c-r-a-z-y that you are an "allergy free" school and the school doesn't replace your chalk boards. Your library looks fantastic and I love the green paper with black border. Things will definetly pop!
    The Write Handed Teacher

  10. LOVE the Best Books bulletin board - the idea and the colours!!!

    Runde's Roon

  11. I love your site! can we donate some goodies to you?

  12. It looks so great! Love your theme! Come and check my classroom reveal out too!
    Fancy Free in Fourth


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