August 9, 2011

Lables are a teacher's best friend!

Okay, so as a teacher I have a serious school supply addiction!  I love markers, pens, post-its, cute notebooks, etc.  Does anyone else have drawers, and I do mean drawers, of pens you just had to have because it makes grading papers so much more fun??  Anyone?  Gosh, I hope I'm not the only one.  Well, today I would like to salute another favorite office supply... the one... the only... the extremely wonderful label! I have a box of both white mailing labels and white shipping labels that I keep at my disposal at all times.

Here are some of the ways I use labels in my classroom:

I label all my book baskets using shipping labels that I put on index cards.  Then, I use packaging tape to attach the index cards to the baskets.  The best part about this system is that I can change baskets at anytime.  Nothing is permanent and since I am constantly reorganizing my library, it works for me.  I recreated my labels this year and added a little color.  I was really happy with the way they turned out.  Click the links below to see my labels up close! If you would like to borrow and modify, leave your email and I will send you the original documents.  I could only get them to upload in PDF.

Each book is labeled with it's genre and proper "home" in the library.  It makes life much easier.

I also use shipping labels to print labels for student notebooks and folders.  This year, I created my labels a bit differently.  In the past, I always printed sheets full of the same label.  But, I saw great idea on another blog (couldn't locate the post, please let me know if it was you, so I can give credit)  to put all the labels a kid will need on one sheet and then just print one sheet per kid.  Duh!  How brilliant is that? So this year, I put everything together on one sheet for a kid and was even able to split the sheet between two kids! I kept them simple and in black and white to save ink. The line is for students to write their name in marker. 

Once I get my class list, I create a document of mailing labels with student names.  Then I print 10 copies.  You would not believe how often these little guys come in handy.  The kids can label their pencil boxes, book boxes (I buy the 5 pack of white magazine holders from IKEA each year), notebooks, marker boxes, etc.  The possibilities are endless and I find these are just good to have on hand.

Each year my school has Open House the week before school starts.  Students come and see their classrooms and meet their teacher.  Each grade level also does a presentation about what to expect for the year.  We have combined Open House with Meet the Teacher Night because we find we get the best turn out at the first event.  Anyway, each teacher sends out reminder post cards to our class.  Everything is printed, we just sign our name and add a "can't wait to see you there."  This year, I printed mailing labels to add to the postcards with my class website.  I'm hoping parents and students will check out our website and blog before school starts and get super excited for the year!

I'm sure there are many more wonderful ways to use labels in the classroom.  Please share your great ideas!!


  1. Love your blog! I am now a follower. Thanks for following me. Hope we can share lots of ideas.

  2. I literally JUST printed 7 pages of labels with my students names on them! I will definitely stick them on everything!

  3. Thanks for sharing your notebook and folder labels! I never like to use the same ones each year so THANK YOU!

  4. Hello Amanda, I want to set up my classroom library in book baskets and am applying for a grant online to pay for the baskets. May I use your photo of the August 9th book baskets? A photo is required as the first step when completing my request for funds. I am going through Thanks so much, Mary Jane


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