July 30, 2011

Classroom Bingo & Dots with Purpose!

Here are a couple ideas from the positive reinforcement class that I just LOVED: 
  • DOTS - This is a great idea for a kiddo that has trouble completing assignments. (Are you picturing a particular kid right now? I know I am.)  All you need is some of those standard yellow dots.  Basically, you cut up the dots and the student earns dots for working diligently, completing assignments, etc.  The student saves the dots to use at their discretion.  Dots can be placed on another assignment, excusing that student form that particular question or problem. Now, naturally, you have to set limits.  No dots on assessments.  Only 3 dots per assignment.  Etc. In essence, the kid is working to get out of working AND it works for most "I don't wanna" kids. 
  •  CLASSROOM BINGO - This is a whole class reward system.  I know many teachers collect fuzzies or fill marble jars, but I thought this was a fun new idea.  Set up a large bingo board in your classroom, numbers 1-16 (or larger if you are going to be tough).  As a class, decide on a behavior/routine you want to work on.  For example...walking quietly in the hallway.  Every time the whole class is successful with walking in the hallway, a student gets to draw a number card.  You cross out, color, or mark that number in some way.  The class keeps playing on the board until they hit a bingo.  Then, you have a class celebration and start again. I can't wait to try it this year.  I will post pictures when I construct my bingo board. I love how it really puts everything on the kids.  They choose the goal, they demonstrate the behavior, they run the positive reinforcement and everyone's happy!
Here are some pictures of some other systems that might work well with some particularly challenging kids. Sorry for the glare... camera issues.  :)


  1. I love the idea about the dots. I have used it for extra credit in the past with a 5 or 10 in the middle of the dot and the student was allowed to stick it on papers they needed some extra credit for... but I can't wait to use the dots to omit questions! Great Idea

  2. Great idea! Gonna pin this on my Pinterest right now!

    Rockin' Teacher Materials

  3. Love this idea!!! I know my kindlers will love this too… Pinning!!!


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