July 29, 2016

Fiction Friday: Chapter 8

It's Fri-yay! And time for another installment of Fiction Friday Fri-yay!


One of the things I love about reading is that reading can take you so many places. This week, let's go to space and let's go to camp!


Space Case

by Stuart Gibbs


Space Case is another 2016-2017 Bluebonnet Nominee.  Of course, I immediately recognized the author because Stuart Gibbs has been pumping out all kind of great spy books the last couple of years. For my advanced 4th grade readers, he is one of their favorite authors. However, I am embarrassed to say that this is the first book of his I've read, but it won't be my last!

Because y'all...it was great! I can see why it is picking up awards left and right.

Space Camp takes place on Moon Base Alpha in Earth Year 2041. Twelve-year-old Dashiell Gibson is one of the first people to live on the moon with his family and 30 or so other scientists. At first, living on the moon was an exciting adventure, but it's not long before the cramped quarters, rules, and routines become just as boring as the dehydrated food that is being served. But all that changes, when a scientist dies unexpectedly. Dash knows it couldn't have been an accident. He is convinced that Dr. Holtz was murdered to cover up his newest secret discovery.  Now he has to prove it and not get himself killed in the process.

This was a great mystery for upper elementary and middle grades. It kept me guessing all the way until the end. The mystery unfolded at the perfect pace, logically allowing the reader to connect the dots along with Dash and yet offered twists and turns along the way.

Dash is incredibly likeable character. He is intelligent, kind, and determined.  He's definitely a character you can get on board with for the whole Moon Base Alpha series.  Check out the sequel: Spaced Out (released April 2016). I mean...who would have thought the Moon was the perfect setting for a mystery series?  Loved it!

Book Information:
  • Mystery
  •  337 pages
  • Grades 4-7 
  • Guided Reading Level W


 Nerd Camp

by Elissa Brent Weissman

I'm cheating a little bit here, because I actually read Nerd Camp last summer.  But, it was so good and I never had a chance to share it on my blog, so... today is the day.


Nerd Camp is all about Gabe, one of the most lovable characters ever. Gabe is not your typical 5th grade student. He's brilliant. He enjoys poetry, solving mathematical proofs, and memorizing digits in pi. He might even remind you of a few students you've had in the past. And, he has been accepted to the Summer Center for Gifted Enrichment, i.e. Nerd Camp. 

He can't wait to go, but when his father announces he is getting remarried, Gabe begins to worry he may be too much of a nerd for his new step-brother, Zack. After all, he is going to Nerd Camp.  But, when Nerd Camp turns out to be the adventure of a lifetime (even with the "nerdy" twists), Gabe learns he can be himself (nerd or not) and find a true friend in Zack. 

This is a hilarious and fun story that celebrates all things nerdy and the beauty of being yourself. The minor characters in the story are so great. You will love all the kids at Nerd Camp. I read a review online that said they will remind you of the characters on The Big Bang Theory and in many ways I find that to be true. They are a group of incredibly likable kids who are gifted beyond belief.  And they are forging invaluable friendships, going on wild adventures, and learning all sorts of cool things about science and themselves along the way. 

I want to go to Nerd Camp!

This was a huge hit with many of my students last year, but especially my gifted students. The characters really resonated with those students, who I think often ask themselves if they too are a nerd? Gabe gives them a voice and through his journey, they gain acceptance and pride in themselves too. I'm so thankful for this book and looking forward to reading Nerd Camp 2.0.

Book Information:
  • Realistic Fiction
  • 272 pages
  • Grades 3-7
  • Lexile Measure 810L

And, there you have Week 8 of Fiction Fri-yay!

Both of these books take you to wonderful places. Just one of the many perks of reading. 


Where are some of your favorite literary places?

Link up to share your favorite books that take you to great places, real or imaginary. And, don't forget to click through all the links below for more great reads.

Thank you so much for joining us for another Fiction Friday. 


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Thank You & Happy Reading!


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