June 11, 2016

Volunteer Appreciation Gifts {freebie}

I had great parent volunteers this year. Seriously, spectacular parents. :)

After nine years of teaching, I know that is not always the case. Some years I have had a few great parent volunteers, and other years I've been my own room parent. It all depends. BUT, this year I was blessed with many parents who helped with library research, writing camp decorations, chaperoning field trips, cutting lamination, and sending in supplies.

With so many awesome volunteers, I wanted a thoughtful thank you gift at the end of the year that I could do on a budget.  I found three packs of citronella candles at HomeGoods for a great price and bought 4 packages. I wrapped up the candles in cellophane, added a bow with nice ribbon, attached a cute little tag and... viola... beautiful and thoughtful volunteer gifts that didn't break the bank.

I printed the tags in black and white to save ink because I'm ALL about saving ink, and then used my Pentel Fine Point Pens to add a little color to the border. I mixed and matched the ribbon, candle color, and border color to create a fun summertime happy feel.

Each candle was sent home with a personalized thank you note to show my appreciation for all the support throughout the year. 

You can grab the tag I used in my TPT store. Just click the image above to snag it for FREE.  If you use and enjoy, please don't forget to leave feedback. :)

Attach it to anything that might brighten someone's day. Since I live in Texas and the mosquito are UNREAL this year, I went with citronella, but the options are endless.



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