September 15, 2013


As teachers, we all have our favorite places to shop for our classroom.  I always do a fair amount of damage at Ikea, Target, Office Max, and my local teaching supply stores.  But, the classroom shopping doesn't always stop there.  I order online too. I have my favorites: Really Good Stuff, School Specialty, Carson Dellosa, etc.  But now, I have a new favorite...SmileMakers!

Smilemakers was new to me until this summer.  A lovely woman contacted me and asked to me check out the website to see if there was anything I might like to try out for my classroom.

So... I started browsing and oh my gosh it is like an organized teacher's dream!! How was I ever going to choose just ONE thing?!

Look what I found....
I could use this underneath my white boards.  There are even little pockets to hold teacher supplies like pens, Expo markers, and scissors.  Love!

 Need I say more? 

I wish I had seen this before I bought my HUGE mailboxes.  Look how small it is?  When space is an issue, this mailbox center would be perfect.  After all...paper folds.  :)

Perfect for organizing books, paperwork, or whatever! The possibilities for this are endless.

Okay, so once I got out of the organization section, I found more fun things. 

Why are kids so fascinated by timers?  Who knows?  But, they would LOVE this one.

I have seen these in the Scholastic Bonus Catalog too and they are just so cute!

Of course, this doesn't even begin to cover what you can find on their site.  There are all kinds of stickers, posters, treasure boxes items, educational games, and teacher supplies.  There was so much good stuff, I couldn't decide on the ONE thing I wanted to try, so they surprised me with the green literature organizer.

The organizer arrived quickly and was super easy to put together.  The cardboard is very sturdy and the organizer holds it's shape without any additional tape! I moved it around my room quite a bit while I was putting everything together.  There were so many possible ways to use it. 

I finally decided to use it in my writing center.  It stores all our paper used for writing from our pre-writing organizers to drafting paper (yellow notepad paper) to final publishing paper. The design makes it easy for kids to see what paper they are grabbing and they have access to it all at once.  I love it!

I would like to thank Smilemakers for supporting my classroom and giving me a chance to try out their products.  They definitely made me smile and I'll be back.  The quality and service was good and the prices are very reasonable. :)

To request your own catalog to peruse on our couch, click here or visit their website at!

Happy shopping!!


  1. I love the horizontal pocket chart! I have often wondered why there wasn't a horizontal one, yea!!! Thanks so much for telling about this awesome resource.

    :) Nicole
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  2. Thank you for sharing this site. It is new to me. I'll have to go check it out!

    Fit to be Fourth
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