August 18, 2013

Monster Reading Forms *freebie*

Hey y'all! I just stopped by tonight to share a few of my creations for the day. I am doing a monster theme this year, so I updated some reading documents to fit my theme. They turned out super cute! I love the monster clip art from My Cute Graphics!

The forms are basic, but personally...I'm a fan of basic.  It keeps it simple for the kids and for me! :) All three of these forms are intended to go into a folder, so the left margin is scooted over to avoid those pesky brads. 

Here ya go...

A HUGE thank you to My Cute Graphics for the monster clip art! Adorable font provided by Kevin & Amanda (naturally). 

You can download these cute files for FREE at Scribd or on TPT.  Click the file names below to go to TPT directly.

Monster Book Challenge
My Reading Goals
My Reading Record

Feedback and comments are much appreciated, especially if you download.  It feels good to know someone else can use and benefit. 

Thanks & Enjoy!!


  1. These are really neat, Amanda. I'm loving the monsters!

    Peacocks and Penguins

  2. Amanda,
    Thanks so much for offering these! I love the book challenge page and I downloaded it. I think I need to read The Book Whisperer. I have a reading challenge for my students, but I don't know if it is enough! Here's to another great day in the classroom!


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