July 17, 2013

Have you heard of Snapguide?

Have you heard of Snapguide?  It may just be my new favorite app! And the best part is... it's FREE!

It's like Pinterest, BUT...instead of looking at the picture and thinking "how the heck did they do that?"- it is a step by step picture/video guide of how to.  You can peruse the guides on your phone, tablet, or computer.  And it is super easy to set up an account and get started.

My school is a bit behind. We just got iPads for the classroom during the last month of school.  I'm now proud to report that I have 3 iPads for students use in my room. Before the school year ended, I wanted to play around with some of the apps I downloaded and get my feet wet.  Snapguide was one of the first ones I tried and I loved it!!

My class was studying life cycles, specifically we were reviewing the butterfly lifecycle.  By 4th grade this is a one day review because they already know it so well. (Thank goodness!!) I went to my Pinterest science board for inspiration and found this adorable pin from the wonderful Mrs. Lemons of Step into 2nd Grade. Thanks Amy!

It was the perfect project to reinforce the butterfly life cycle, review vocabulary, and try out Snapguide. 

I used Amy's model to create my own one sunny afternoon.  After I completed each step, I quickly snapped a picture with my iPad and then created my first ever Snapguide. Check it out below...

Here are some examples from my class.

Snapguide was simple and very user friendly.  Just select a picture to add to your guide, then add a caption. Keeping building and adding to your guide until you are done.

I will warn you that it does not save projects as you go.  You need to complete the whole thing in one sitting and publish or your work will be lost.  

I'm constantly amazed at all the great apps out there for free, but this is one of my favorites.  It's like Pinterest and YouTube all rolled into one.  I love it!  Check out Snapguide.com to view other guides. It's a very cool app/website and I can't wait to use it more in my classroom.

So far, I have already used it to provide my class with visual and written directions for a project.  I'm also thinking this would be a great way for students to publish any How-To piece they write.  What other ideas do you have?  How would you use this app in your classroom?

Happy guide surfing!!


  1. I love that your school has iPads!! That's awesome! We are on our way to getting them as well. I would love to find out what apps you love when you get time to explore some more! :)

    Love N 3rd Grade

  2. This is super cool. I love learning about new technology tools for the classroom. There are so many possibilities for using this.
    Polliwog Place

    1. I had so much fun exploring and learned some really cool things. Enjoy!

  3. If your school is behind... we are ancient. Still hopefully waiting for some new technology to roll in. ;)


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