June 25, 2012

Super Cute Teacher Clipboards

I love scrolling through my reading list and seeing all the Monday Made It buttons.  Everyone has caught the fever, including myself.  Thanks Tara for hosting such a fun weekly linky party.
First, I made the super cute clip boards that I know you have seen ALL over Pinterest.  Hello bandwagon.  I'm Amanda and I'm hopping on!  :)

Here is how mine turned out.  I bought the paper by single sheets at Micheals and had a lot of fun choosing colors and designs.  I'm not really the craftiest person on the planet (as evidence by the fact that I do not have cute scrapbooking paper on hand), but I gave it a whirl. 

I have a few bubbles here and there as it was my first real go with the Mod Podge.  But, overall I'm excited about how they turned out. Ready for the close ups?  Can you see the bubbles and maybe a few other small tears? Oops!

I think the best part about these new clipboards is that I will be able to spot them on my desk.  They won't blend in with all the other paperwork and other random things.  Somehow, someway, my desk is ALWAYS trashed at the end of the day and I mean it is covered in...in...well, I'm not really sure exactly...everything.  Now, at least my clipboards with important paperwork will be like a guiding light as I go through the daily task of straitening, organizing, and getting my life back together in general.  :)


I spent the rest of my week making my house look very bare and making my guest room look like a storage unit.

We are pretty much all packed up. I have stacks of boxes strategically placed throughout my house and I'm eating off paper plates for the week, but I'm so excited to get on with this move. Cross your fingers that nothing happens and we close on our house this Friday.  That means Saturday is moving day. Woot! Woot!

In the midst of all this craziness, guess what?  My dog goes outside to play ball for, seriously like 10 minutes, and the pavement is TOO hot! He burns his feet and I mean, HE BURNS HIS FEET! The pad on his left front paw blistered up and was peeling off his foot.  No good. He earned himself a trip to the vet and a round of antibiotics.

They wrapped his foot and told him to stay on the grass.  Plus, he was forbidden from playing with his ball which is like his reason for living. It was so sad. As you can see, he didn't leave my side.  I'm was stalking reading blogs, while he sat right there next to me...looking pathetic.

I'm happy to report that they removed his bandage Friday and he's back to his happy self.

We learned an important lesson though.  Texas pavement is HOT and it is really HOT to a dog that grew up in Seattle and apparently has delicate paws, so keep your pups safe and keep them off the hot pavement during the day, especially this week in San Antonio when we are expecting temperatures in the 100s.  Yowza!

Finally, if you are not linky partied out, don't forget to join Fiction Friday: A Celebration of Children's Literature.  You can join anytime during the week, I just choose Friday because I'm a teacher and I like alliteration.

Only three people have linked up so far this week (insert super big super sad frowny face) but I have already heard about so many new great books (insert super big super smiley happy face).  So come on over and join the fun.  Why not make Monday a two for one linky special?  I give you all permission to write 2 posts.  I can't wait to see what you have made and what you've been reading! 


  1. Hey Amanda! Thanks for linking up:))) I love Monday Made It too!!! I can't believe how it has caught on! Love that! Your clipboards turned out super cute! I made one or 2 for me and the rest I let my students use and they think that is the bomb!!! Just an idea:)

    4th Grade Frolics

  2. I'll link up next week for Fiction Fridays!

    1. Excellent! I can't wait to see what books you feature. :)

  3. Your clipboards are really cute.

  4. Love your clipboards. I just found you and became a follower.
    The Caffeinated Classroom

  5. Your clipboards are cute! Glad your dog is better, poor thing!

  6. Your clipboards are awesome! I also used mod podge for the 1st time this week!!!

    Dirty Hands and Lesson Plans

  7. I love the way your clipboards turned out! I will be making mine this next week, it will also be my first experience with ModPodge. Your dog is adorable! Is he a Corgi? I hope his paws heal soon!



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