April 12, 2012

Let's Rock the STAAR

Hey everyone!  Long time...no blog.

I choosing to just ignore the fact that I have not posted in over two months and just jump right back in. (big smile)

As all Texas teachers know, the STAAR test is looming just around the corner.  It's a mere 8 school days away and yes, I'm counting. Here is an awesome video that an elementary school in my district put together to help motivate their students for the upcoming test. They will pass the STAAR.  They know it!

While exploring YouTube, I also found this video from Felty Elementary in Waxahachie, Texas where my sister works, so I had to share this one too.

So, rock out with your kids and rock the STAAR!


  1. We just finished our state testing. It's like a cloud has moved past our school. Good luck!

    1. I want my kids to do well on the STAAR but sometimes it seems as if we have become to focused on testing. A great source for parents to check out with kids who are preparing for the STAAR is an inexpensive parent's guide to the STAAR in the kindle store. It's can be found at:


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