August 27, 2011

Learning Modality Survey - Freebie Friday

The first week of school is by far the most exhausting of the year.  By the time Friday came and went I could barley keep my eyes open on the drive home.  My husband and I went out for Mexican, had a much needed margarita, came home, and went to bed.  Aren't we exciting on a Friday night?

So, my Friday post comes a bit late, but I am so excited to share it with you all.  
My freebie today is a Learning Modality Survey!

Have you ever wondered what type of learner you are?  This short survey (I modified one I found online...not an original idea) can tell you, if you are an auditory learner (that's me!), a visual leaner (my husband), or a kinesthetic learner (seriously, ALL of my students!).
Learning Modality Survey

I gave my class this survey during the first week of school.  They loved learning what "type" of learner they were and it helped me better understand the learning needs of my class. 

Hope it is as helpful to you as it was to me.


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