July 25, 2011

Welcome to The Teaching Thief

Noun: A person who steals another person's property

I will be the first to admit that I am a bit of a "Teaching Thief".  I love walking into classrooms and just looking around. (I have even been known to take pictures of anchor charts and bulletin boards.)  I love revisiting my favorite teaching resources and finding new books with new ideas. (Recommendations wanted!) I love reading teacher blogs and seeing all the millions of great ideas from amazing teachers who are willing to share. Thank you, thank you!

I love seeing what has worked in other classrooms, because it gets me thinking.  I get excited about what I COULD do! I "steal" ideas, put my spin on them, and give them a try.  Sometimes, I look around my classroom and wonder if I ever really had an original idea.  I'm thinking that most of my good ideas came from the knowledge, expertise, and experience of many teachers before me.

So, now it is my turn to join the conversation, give back, and share what I have learned, what works in my classroom, what books my class and I are obsessed with, and what I love about teaching!


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