July 5, 2016

Summer Blogger, Year Round Instagrammer - Let's Connect!

I love reading a good blog, but nothing makes my heart happier than scrolling through my Instagram teacher feed.

It's the best. There is this amazing community of teachers out there from all over the world sharing their teacher life through pictures.

And they are sharing everything from classroom activities and organization tips to good deals on classroom supplies at all your favorite stores. There are book recommendations, technology recommendations, freebies, classroom resources, professional development suggestions, art projects,  math ideas, reading ideas, giveaways... and countless more great ideas all presented to you in a visual and practical way in real time. Hands down, I think it's better than Pinterest.

The best part about Insta is that it is so fast and easy to use. Blogging can be time consuming, but with Insta you can snap a picture and share with the world.  I only get to blog during the summer months, but I use Instagram all year. It has been a wonderful way for me to share, but more than that it has been an incredible resource for my classroom, my teaching, and my professional growth.

I invite you to come join the 

Instagram Teacher Community if you haven't already.


Here are a few of my favorite Instagram posts from this year:


If you are like me and want to keep your teacher account separate from your personal account, you can easily link up your two accounts. 

To link up accounts go to your personal settings on any account, scroll down to add account, and log in to your second (or third) account. Once you've done that you will be logged in to all your accounts at once. To switch between accounts on your phone, just use the pull down menu at the top of your account page to select the account you would like to use. It's super easy!

Looking forward to connecting with you on Instagram!


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