July 26, 2015

Get to Know Me: Yes or No?!

Happy Sunday everyone!

So, what am I doing blogging late on a Sunday night? Well, I simply had to join the Assess Me linky party that Rachel from The Tattooed Teacher is hosting.  Blogger icebreakers with fun activities?  Love.

This week is a Yes or No format. Again, love. 
Here's a bit more about me.

#1) Everyone talks to themselves, right? It's totally normal... I hope. My dogs are usually there, so I like to pretend they are listening and often sympathizing.

#2) Not superstitious at all.

#3) The sound of cracking knuckles is like nails on a chalkboard to me. I cringe at the very thought.

#4) Surprising, I'm not hungry at the moment. That being said I did just chomp down three Lemon Oreos. Have you had them??  Oh boy...delicious!!

#5) I turned to TBS just in time to catch Crazy, Stupid. Love.  It has honestly become one of my favorite movies.  The more I watch it, the more I enjoy it. So well done and I often think to myself, "You're better than the Gap." LOL.

#6) No wisdom teeth now. Strangely enough, I only had two which made life so much simpler when it was time to get them pulled.

#7) Yes! I showered! AND... I took the time to blow my hair dry. This is a big deal in the summer.

#8) My last trip to Disney was in 1994. Crazy, huh?  I was 10 and it was a surprise trip from my parents.  Totally awesome, but I've heard it's changed a lot.  :)

#9) I wear glasses but not contacts. The thought of putting anything in my eye totally freaks me out. Have you ever seen the Friends episode where Rachel has to put eye drops in and Monica has to hold her down on the couch to do it. I'm Rachel in this situation for sure.

#10) I was born in Texas, moved to the Seattle area for high-school and college, and then moved back to the Texas five years ago. I'm happy to be back because I love the sun! However, I must confess I miss the mountains and the water. It is just so beautiful there...when it's not raining that is.

That's it for me. Do we have anything in common?  Go link up with The Tattooed Teacher and read about all the other awesome bloggers out there linking up too.

Have a great week!


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