July 20, 2015

Computer Log-In & Password Solution

Do your students have tons of log-in and password combinations to remember?  Mine sure do.

The problem is that in an effort to simplify things within my district, all of their usernames and passwords are supposed to be the same, but they end up having small differences like the username sometimes HAS to be capitalized and sometimes not. Sometimes you include all of your numbers, and sometimes only the last 4. It's craziness!! And soooo frustrating for my kiddos to remember.  Who can blame them?!  I have trouble keeping it straight myself.

So, this year I decided to do something about it. Fingers crossed that it makes the first 15 minutes of every computer lab session just a little bit easier.

My students have a technology folder for the computer lab. This is where they keep writing drafts they are working on publishing and directions for computer lab activities. Everything goes in the folder. In year's past, I have simply written the most frequently used log-in and passwords inside the folder.

This year, I'm upgrading to this...



What do you think?  It's super simple, but I didn't want anything too complicated that required more than just making a copy, lol.   

I plan on having students write their log-in information on this sheet at the beginning of the year and keep it in a sheet protector in their technology folders. This way (hopefully) we will have all our log-ins and passwords right at our fingertips each time we go to the computer lab. I'm hoping this simple solution will help my 4th graders and myself maintain our sanity in the computer lab, because it can get craaaazy! :)

What do you do to help your students remember all their passwords and log-ins?  What tips do you have to make life in the computer lab just a wee bit easier?

Happy teaching!!


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