June 17, 2014

Happy Summer and New School News!

Well, helloooo summer!

I'll be honest. I've technically been on summer vacation for over a week and it has been glorious! I've slept in. Watched a disgusting amount of television. Read a few books. Napped. Attended some great professional development. Hit the gym. And watched the Spurs destroy the Heat!!  

Yes, it has been a glorious start to the summer.

I finished up another year teaching 4th grade and had a truly great class. They were one of those classes that doesn't come around every year and I will not easily forget. Just a fun great group of kids.

I will really miss them  next year because I am not returning to my school next year to see them in 5th grade. I have accepted a position at another elementary school in my district that is closer to home. I'm excited for the next new adventure, but so sad to leave my colleagues and my students behind. I'm trying to keep this quote in mind...

So....in preparation for the big move I had to pack up EVERYTHING in my classroom. It is truly amazing what you can acquire in only a few years in the same room.  I loaded my car not once, not twice, but six times and still needed a friend to load up her suburban to get everything home. And now, it all sits in my garage and my car sits in my driveway absorbing all that wonderful Texas heat.

As my mother would say...it was time for a "Come to Jesus Meeting" with myself about all my stuff. I have come to the conclusion that I am a hoarder. I'm an organized hoarder with colorful baskets and pretty labels. But, I'm a hoarder all the same. This summer, my ultimate goal is to go through all the workstation games, books, and files and purge. Keep the good. Recycle the outdated. Rediscover old favorites. And ultimately take in materials I will USE, not materials that will collect dust. It's ambitious, but I'm hopeful.


I am also looking forward to sharing some lesson ideas, projects, "crafty" made-its, and (of course) BOOKS this summer. Fiction Friday reboots on...well...Friday, THIS Friday.  I hope you will join in our celebration of children's literature every Friday this summer by joining our linky party through comments and/or blog posts. Let's get reading!!


  1. Good luck on your new adventure. I don't think there is any hope for us hoarders! I blame pinterest! If I didn't see so many cute ideas, Ii'd be content with my room like it is--oh well. Have a good summer break.

  2. So glad Fiction Friday will be back -- I was hoping!

    Math is Elementary

    1. Me too! I look forward to it all year. My battle book list this year includes so many that people blogged about last year. I'm excited to finally get a chance to read them.

  3. I am also a hoarder. My picture will be reminiscent of yours haha

    Good luck though!


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