October 20, 2013

October Math Story Books

October is here and nothing is more motivating for students than Halloween inspired anything.   I mean regular math....boring, but math about mummies and ghosts...awesome! Am I right?

My fourth graders are wrapping up a unit on multiplication and division concepts.  This was the perfect opportunity to mix a little practice with a little Halloween fun.

I whipped up a few "spooky" math stories, added some clip art, and BAM I had my Halloween Math & Division Stories PowerPoint.

I printed out my slides BIG for station signs, then printed small ones for the kids, so that we could put together our October Stories books.  Didn't they turn out cute?!

The kids put together the books themselves.  I just pre-cut paper to half sheets.

The front and back pages were both made with bright orange paper.

 We stuck three pieces of plain white copy paper in the middle. Then just stapled the side or top. Easy.

I love the last cover. Can you tell they are REALLY into Pac-Man?

It's amazing what you can do with some orange and white paper, a few colored pencils, and some imagination.  

My students then rotated through stations to work on each of the "spooky" problems. Directions were simple...glue in problem, solve, answer in a complete sentence, and then illustrate the problem with any left over time. 

Here is what they produced...

Please ignore the typo that spiders only have 6 legs.  LOL. My class was awesome about the mistake and just told me, "It's okay Mrs. Kendall. This makes them even spookier spiders." Talk about flexible. 

So, there you have it...our October Math Story Books.  We had tons of fun creating our books and doing the math. We also got in some good practice with word problems and recognizing multiplication and division situations.  Success!

If you are interested in the PowerPoint I used, I added it to my TPT store. Click here to go grab it for FREE! Enjoy!

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  1. Love the idea of combining several themed "story" problems into a story book! Clever.


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