June 22, 2013

My Google Reader Solution = Feedly

As you know, I was surprised shocked when I recently logged in to find out Google Reader was disappearing!! What was I to do!??  Many of you offered your feedback and suggestions... thank you!!
After hearing from y'all, I googled "Alternatives to Google Reader" to help me make my final decision.  I have to run everything by Google, don't you?

And Google...being Google...came through for me.

I found this great blog post from Lifehacker, called "Five Best Google Reader Alternatives".  I figured with a blog title like Lifehacker, I could trust this guy, right?

Anywhoo... he goes through 5 of the best alternatives and shows you different displays and talks about pros and cons.  Very easy to read and not filled with a bunch of tech mumbo jumbo that this 4th grader teacher wouldn't understand. Then he let the people of the World Wide Web vote.

He wrote a follow-up post called "Most Popular Google Reader Alternative: Feedly." Well, over 1,000+ peeps who follow Lifehacker can't be wrong, so I gave Feedly a try.

Now, I was frustrated at first because I wasn't sure how everything worked.  It has taken be awhile to get used to the format, but I do bold, underline, italicize, all caps LOVE that I can easily access my Feedly account on my computer, phone, iPad, whatever! It has worked seemlessly on all my devices.  The transition from Google Reader to Feedly was easy.  They took care of everything and imported all the blogs I already follow for me.  i.e. I did nothing.

There have  been a few snags along the way.  Apparently when you are important millions of giga-whatever from Google Reader, there are some set backs.   But, I emailed the Feedly team, and they emailed me back within an hour, saying they knew about the bug (my index of blogs was not showing up..boohoo!) and were working on it.  I'm thinking once everything is transitioned this is the right format for me.  They are even working on adding a search feature, which is the one thing I really miss from Google Reader.

**Update** - My Feedly has been fixed. Zippity do da!

So, moral of my story...I'm going with Feedly.  If you use Feedly, you don't need to worry about doing anything, you will just continue to follow this here blog. And a huge thank you for it! 

If you are using BlogLovin', click HERE to follow me.  Or click the cute button below.  Or click the button on the right side of my blog.  Whatever strikes your fancy.  But, please click somewhere so we can stay in touch!

Both seem like great alternatives, so find what works for you.  It's like differentiation on the web! Ha!


  1. I just posted about the same thing! I think I'll stay connected using Bloglovin'!

  2. See... I'm confused... I already "follow" you through Google Reader, so you should have imported into Bloglovin', but then I go to Bloglovin' and your blog is on my list, but on your "page" over there I still needed to click "follow". So now I'm trying to go through everyone again to make sure that I'm really following... a tad frustrating!

    1. Oh no! That IS frustrating! But for the record, thanks for going back and double checking that I made your list. Whew! The 90s girl in me still wants to get a hard copy of all the blogs I follow just in case. Technology is awesome, but when something goes wrong it can be devastating. I hope you get it all worked out.

  3. I'm glad to hear that the Feedly team is working hard to fix glitches!

    BTW, I didn't realize you were in San Antonio! I'm in Texas, too! Are you going to CAMT in July??

    Hooty's Homeroom
    hootyshomeroom @ gmail dot com

    1. Sadly, I am not going to CAMT, but it looks awesome! I hope you will share on your blog.

  4. I tried Feedly, but stopped because I couldn't figure out how to allow people to follow me with Feedly... did you figure out how to add a button?
    ideas by jivey
    Follow me on Facebook!

    1. I was struggling with this too, but I hope I found my answer. You have to create your own button. Then link to: http://www.feedly.com/home#subscription/feed/http://www.yourfeedURL.com

      I am going to try it out today. Hope it works. :)

  5. I just started using Feedly and I'm following your blog there! I tried BlogLovin also, but I prefer Feedly's layout better.

    Fifth Grade Dugout

    1. I really like Feedly too. I like the layout and the access couldn't be easier. I hope more bloggers add Follow on Feedly buttons to their blogs for convenience. Thanks for stopping by!


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