August 13, 2012

More Summer or More Trouble?!?

Up until last Friday, I thought I had to go back to school TODAY! I assumed the kids started on the 20th and I was already resigned to calling my summer over - done - finite! And then...a co-worker says to, "Amanda...didn't you know?!? The kids start on the 27th.  We don't have to be back until the 20th."

And just like that I gained an entire extra week of summer vacation.  I could not have faked myself out any better.  It really did feel like I'd been given a gift.

Until today.

The check engine light in our SUV had come on, so we dropped it off at the dealership on Saturday. Come Monday morning - no car.  Well, this meant I had to drive hubs to work.  Did I mention he leaves for work at 5:15 in the AM?!? Ugh! Forty minutes there...forty minutes home.

Then, my sweet baby girl, Lucy had fleas! Big, huge, super mongo fleas! I had to get her into the vet stat.  I loathe fleas and everything about them.  I've already put Borax all over the carpet and started washing everything on the sanitary setting of my washer and dryer. So, thirty minutes there...thirty minutes back.  Both dogs made the trek there but I only came home with one.  Lucy stayed to get deflead.

Two hours passed.

Guess what?!  The car was ready to be picked up.  What's wrong with it you ask?! Oh, nothing.  Apparently, the check engine light just came on for fun.  Back to the dealership I go...thirty minutes there...pick up corgi...twenty minutes there...home...twenty-five more minutes.

When I finally arrived home, I was ready to kick my feet up and steal some reading time. But first, I thought I better vacuum up some of the Borax on my carpet...only to run over (yes, over) fresh dog poop.  Yup, my little girl pooped in the house on my brand new oriental carpet and I ran over it with the Dyson. It was on the carpet, in the wheel, and just ONE. BIG. MESS!

Needless to say, my extra week of summer did NOT start out as I planned.

I felt like Alexander. Perhaps, I'll move to Australia. 

They don't have car troubles and puppies that poop on nice carpets they?

The good news...tomorrow is another day. It's a fresh start.

I'm heading to school to power through some classroom set-up in the morning and hitting the pool in the afternoon.  It's time to enjoy my extra week of summer the right way.  Poop free!


  1. What a "poopy" day!!! :( I'm sorry!!! I hope tomorrow is a better day for you!!!!!

  2. I'm so sorry Amanda! What a crappy day. I KNOW that tomorrow will be better. I'm glad you're going to spend some time by the pool. Sounds lovely.


  3. What a crappy day! I'm sure tomorrow will be much better. Enjoy your last few days of summer vacation.


  4. One of those days that will become hilarious with a little time!

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