August 10, 2012

Fiction Friday: Chapter 9

Oh man... I have SO MUCH to share with y'all.  It has been a busy week filled with painting, unpacking my classroom, and attending some great professional development. More on the professional development to follow. But, I will tell you that I got to meet Tanny McGregor!!

I've been so busy in fact. that I barely finished my book for Fiction Friday.  Okay, truth be told. I just finished my book a few minutes ago, but I got it done and it is still Friday, so I'm going to count that as a win.  :)

This week I read a book that is hard to put in one category.  It's a little bit mystery with a touch of spooky and silly and full of adventure. Introducing...

Misty Gordon and the Mystery of the Ghost Pirates
by Kim Kennedy

Misty lives in a small town in Massachusetts that was established way back in the 1600s and named after a famous ship, The Royal Ashcrumb. Within this small strange little town, her parents run a business called D.E.A.D. (Deceased's Estates and Antiques Dealers).  Her parent's job means that Misty is often made fun of for her clothes, her glasses, and her parents.  Her room is filled with antiques and artifacts that her father found when perusing the homes of the recently deceased. There is nothing new or expensive in their house (like a computer) as everything is another hand-me-down from the previous generation.

The story begins with Misty accompanying  her father to Madame Zaster's  home where Misty discovers a notebook and a pair of eyeglasses that allow her to see ghosts. Soon after Misty finds herself knee-deep in a hundred year old mystery involving The Golden Three and the truth about the Royal Ashcrumb.  The pirates who hijacked the ship centuries ago are coming back to reclaim their treasure and wreak havoc on the town.  Using her powers and her fierce intellect, Misty must be brave and find the treasure before disaster strikes.

First off, this book had a great one line opener. "Mr. and Mrs. Gordon liked it when people died." I don't know about your students, but this would have mine hooked. Then the story that follows is so interesting and unique they are bound to keep reading.  There is a mix of realistic fiction, history, mystery, suspense, and even a little humor and mythology.  I'm not quite sure how the author wove it all together, but she did and it works. 

As I was reading, I found so many good places to stop if I was reading aloud.  You know those places where you stop reading and all the kids yell, "NNNOOOOOO!!"  This book is perfect for that!

I have to admit I enjoyed solving the mystery along with Misty.  She's smart and her friend, Yoshi, is exactly the kind of friend we all want...supportive, kind, and wicked smart. There are lots of clues for the reader to pick up on and put the pieces together along with Misty, so you never feel left out.  

This book is perfect for 4th and 5th graders and it is a 2012-2013 Bluebonnet Book.  I think my kids are really going to enjoy this one and I may just HAVE to read it aloud.
Below is a book trailer I discovered online.  This would SO hook my kids!  Especially the ones that love ghost stories. I should tell you that the book is not nearly as creepy as this trailer makes it out to be, but wouldn't the kids go wild for it?

What have you been reading lately?  Were you able to squeeze in any more good reads before drowning in the back to school mayhem? If so, I'd love for you to link up. 

Join me with Fiction Friday to share your favorite books in the children's literature category.  Please remember to grab my linky button and link back to this post, so we can stay organized and continue our ever growing catalog of rockin' books.

I can't wait to see what you've been reading.

On a side note,  next week (Chapter 10) will be the last weekly posting of Fiction Friday.  We will need to do something monthly when school starts so we can all keep up.  I hope our last link up will be the biggest and best yet!

Happy Reading!


  1. Sadly I will not be linking up this week. Instead of finishing my 12th SSYRA book I decided to reread The Hunger Games trilogy because it was my last week of vacation and I LOVE those books!!! Maybe next week. Your book sounded awesome though!

    :) Nicole
    Tadpole Tidbits

  2. Ok, you SO HAVE ME HOOKED with that trailer!! Wouldn't it be awesome if every book had a trailer like that to show before reading? Talk about giving a purpose to reading!!

    I think that I will show this trailer on the first day of school and use this book as my first read aloud!


  3. Seriously... book trailers need to happen. It would be such a great technology project for kids!!

  4. Thank you so much for sharing the book trailer! I can't wait to use it with my class! I love motivating students to read a book! It is one of the greatest pleasures as a teacher.

    Teaching Fourth


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