July 25, 2012

I'm in Seattle and Tell Me More Linky Fun

As I curled up to go to bed last night I was exhausted. I realized I had traveled by car, plane, train, boat, and bus all in one day to arrive at my mother's house on Bainbridge Island.  It had been a long trip and a long day.

I will be in Seattle (and surrounding areas) all week for a wedding and if yesterday was any indication of what to expect this week... it is going to be gorgeous! I'm so glad the sun came out just for me!

This is the picture I took of downtown Seattle while on the ferry to Bainbridge.  Isn't it beautiful?  I know it is gray and drizzly a lot up here, but a beautiful day in Seattle is hard to beat.  Due to wedding and family festivities, I will be pretty much MIA this week, but please plan on Fiction Friday.  I'm working on my second book of the week right now, and it's a good one.  You won't want to miss it.

Before I go, I've had so much fun reading and learning about other bloggers through Mrs. Lemons linky party Tell Me More, Tell Me More that I decided to link up today and tell you a bit more about myself. You are supposed to share your quirks and things that make you, uniquely YOU.

1) I HATE wooden utensils. They creep me out.  I don't like how they feel in my hand and I refuse to wash them because when they get wet, they get slimy and...ugh! I just can't stand it.  Really, the problem extends to all raw wood. Even popsicle sticks are a problem. I have to leave the wrapper around the bottom of the stick as a barrier while eating my popsicle. My teeth also can NOT touch the stick and most importantly, the teeth can NEVER EVER drag on the popsicle stick. Just thinking about it gives me the willies! Ugh!

2) I have always looked much younger than I actually am.  When I was a freshman in college, I flew to Hawaii for spring break and I was sitting in the emergency exit row when a flight attendant came up to ask me how old I was.  Apparently, you must be at least 14 to sit in the emergency exit row and she wasn't sure I was old enough!  Ouch! Ten years later, I'm less offended that I look so young.  My students still tell me I look like a teenager.

3) I worked as a barista for sixish years at Cruisin Coffee in Bellingham. Whenever I have a really tough day in teaching I always start contemplating going back to the coffee industry.  I loved it! I worked there for a long time and I know all the secret recipes and some regular customer orders still. I'm not going to lie, I even still dream about it. It's my "good ole days." It has also made me VERY picky about my coffee.

4) I met my husband in AP Biology in high school.  He's my best friend and I feel so lucky to have him! We started dating the summer after he graduated (he's a year older) and have been together ever since.  That's 11 years total.  We've been married for three years come August 16th.

5) All food must pass a texture test for me to eat it.  I still won't eat mushrooms or tomatoes.  Slimy and gross! There is NO WAY I could ever go on one of those challenge shows like The Amazing Race.  I would crumble at the mere mention of strange food. 

6)  I listen to all kinds of music.  I'm not even sure I have a favorite.  My iTunes playlist has everything from Yo-Yo Ma and Van Morrison to Greenday, Eminem, and George Strait. I am very excited about the new Dave Matthews Band cd, scheduled to come out in September.  Have you heard the single, Mercy?  OMG...so good!!

7) I love TV. No, really, I LOVE TV.  I'm a TV junkie. I had to create a spreadsheet this past fall to figure out how to get all my shows recorded. Surprisingly, I watch very little reality TV.  I'm more of a sitcom fan. Oh, and I love corny.  If I show you my DVR list, you promise not to judge? I had to write it all down so I could transfer to my new DVR.  This is when it hit me that perhaps I have a problem.

8) I cuss.  A lot. It's true. I use a few choice four letter words (especially the one that rhymes with duck) more than I probably should.  But, I keep it clean in my classroom and on my blog.

9) Penguins make me really happy.  For my birthday this year, my husband flew down my best friend to surprise me.  BEST. SURPRISE. EVER. (Best husband ever too!)
Then they had scheduled a behind the scenes tour at Sea World with the penguins.  I got to meet a penguin.
 We became fast friends.
 And, yes, I really walked out of Sea World carrying a giant stuffed penguin as a souvenir.

10) The last one you probably already know if you have been following for awhile.  I adore my dog.  I know other people love their pets, but I think I love mine more. What you may not know is that my dog has a first, middle and last name.  I thought everyone did this, but I have since been informed that is NOT true and I'm a bit strange for doing it. So, his name is officially Riley Tristan Kendall. We choose a Welsh middle name since he is a Welsh corgi. The multiple names is quite handy, especially when he is in trouble.  You can yell, "Riley Tristan! Get out of the trash!" and it works!!

So, that's a bit more about me.  Hopefully, I haven't scared anyone away with my quirks. :)

Now, it's your turn (if you haven't already).  Head on over to Mrs. Lemon's blog and link up.  Tell me more, Tell me more...about YOU and please share if we have anything in common.  Surly more people give their dogs middle names and loathe wooden utensils, right?!?

Till Friday my friends...


  1. I LOVE Seattle! My hubby and I try to get there at least once or twice a year (we live about 3.5 hrs. away). And I think I love my dog MORE!!LOL
    Enjoy Seattle!


    Classroom Capers

  2. I had to laugh at a few of your quirks! LOL! :) I love TV too, but I'm more into reality shows! Do you watch Big Brother?

  3. Ha! I also use quite a few four letter words! Love it!

  4. Your post had me cracking up!!!

    1-CANNOT eat ANYTHING on a wooden stick...touching my teeth or tongue...CANNOT TAKE IT!!

    2-I also look 10 years younger than I really am (but I am older than you)...:~D

    3-I wanted to work at Starbucks for a LONG time! If my teaching contract does not get renewed at any point in time, then I will!

    4-Similar-been married to my awesome husband for 12 years:)

    5-I'm also a texture freak, like you, and if it has skin to break through with my teeth, not doing it, or anything lumpy or slimy.

    8-I also cuss, A LOT, with a tendency to have the same choice word as you!

    10-My dogs are my children:)

  5. My dogs both have whole human names! You are not the only weird one. Head on over to my page to meet Quinn or Quinnicus Archibald Morris and Mira or Mira Sue Morris :) lol I love them

  6. The more I find out about you the more I find out that we have in common. It's crazy! Several of the items on your list could have also very easily shown up on mine. My dog, Audrey Elizabeth Corbitt is precious, yet I often "middle name" her. Enjoy your trip!!!

    :) Nicole
    Tadpole Tidbits

  7. OK... I really thought my husband and I were the only ones that had to do that last fall!! We are probably a little too obsessed with television and thank goodness for 2 TVs and 2 DVR boxes!!

    BakingCraftingTeaching Oh My!

  8. I saw you on the Tell Me More Linky! I love your phobia of wooden utensils :)
    Fancy Free in FourthI

  9. You had me laughing with your post!!! Your phobia of all things wood (well raw anyway) cracks me up! I would have loved to be that close to a penguin as well. I just love animals! It was fun getting to know more about you.
    Where Seconds Count

  10. My pups both have middle names too. My husband has now accepted this and has been know to use their full names(...shhh don't tell I told you). I am there with you, I adore my fur babies.

  11. I found you through the Tell Me More linky. I love your honesty. I'm afraid I cuss more than I should, people usually seem to ignore it and say its due to my being a military brat..I'll take that excuse!
    Wooden utensils, wood on the teeth eww. Same here and you are so right about the wet utensils. When I first got my own set I thought I was doing something wrong, why were they like that? But now I know and replaced them all.
    I don't have pets since I have 2 with pet allergies in the house but grew up having pets and took care of any stray animal I saw. My kids have had cats, turtles, fish, a baby chick, and a hamster but sooner or later someone would find out they were allergic. The turtles and fish never lasted, we did all we were supposed to but they would end up in fish or turtle heaven :(
    Slimy foods........ ugh nothing more needs to be said!
    One of my daughters looks much younger than she is, seems to run in my family. I was carded at 32 years of age for a drink in a restaurant. Felt good though, especially at that age! But my poor daughter had been turned down for jobs cuz she looked too young, it can be a curse.
    Glad I found your blog!

  12. You had me laughing at naming your dog and using his middle name when he's in trouble! I do the same with my cats, but they don't have a real middle name, I just go with whatever I feel like that day! I'm jealous that you got to meet a penguin! I've even seen penguin duck tape (penguin tape?) at Michael's!
    Teaching Special Kids

  13. Thanks for a Saturday morning laugh! I too love my pup to a probably slightly unhealthy degree. As I'm adjusting to "empty nest syndrome", she's become my baby. I'd never thought of a middle name before, but you've inspired me... now she is Maggie Shannon Madaris. :) I frequently call her random nicknames like Barky McMaggers.
    I'm fascinated by penguins too! Jealous you got to meet one! I have a gadget on my igoogle screen that is penguins wandering around - they even follow your cursor. My 5th graders always enjoy when the screen comes up.
    I have a problem with cheese. Mainly raw cheese. It stinks, the texture yucks me out, and I avoid it at all costs.
    This post has inspired me for a writing project for my kiddos when school starts! What a fun way to incorporate getting to know you with review of the basic sentence writing & grammar concepts!
    PS. Love your blog - I'm a new follower. Thanks!

  14. hahahaha....this had me rolling on the floor! LOVES IT!
    I too, am obsessed with my little dog...hence most of my posts involve her. I even take her to school with me & call her our class pet!
    I also have a cursing problem. Luckily, my team & all others involved find it hilarious--they tell me I'm better than urbandictionary.com most days! (I do keep it clean with the kids, BUT....sans kiddos....anything is fair game!
    I'm your newest follower :)
    The First Grade Derby


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