August 14, 2011

Top 10 Teacher Must Haves for Back to School - Linky Party!


Oh my, the receipts are piling up! With back to school in full swing, I am out doing my part to stimulate the economy.  I have been buying all kinds of things for my classroom and my kiddos. But, I haven't forgotten myself.  There are just a few things I need to pick up every year that are teacher only materials.  Hehe!  Check out my Top 10 Teacher Must Haves for Back to School below and then join my first ever linky party!

Top 10 Teacher Must Haves for Back to School

 10) New Pens!  I'm sure the ones I was using still work, but it is so much more fun to have a fresh set.  These Papermate felt tip pens are my favorite!

9) A super cute new post-it dispenser! 

8) New Mr. Sketch markers! They are simply the best!

7) A new teacher "Bag of Doom" to haul my stuff to and from school from L.L. Bean.

6) You know we are going to need it! Whether it is sore muscles from moving heavy furniture around or hearing your name twenty million times a day...Ibuprofen is surely in my future.

5) A manicure, pedicure, and new haircut to look and feel my best for open house.

4) New Expo Markers that will be teacher only! I attach flowers to the ends of my Expos to identify them and  help them stand out among the rest. Yes, that's right... I don't share. This way the kids use their markers and I use my markers and everyone is happy.

3) A good bottle of wine. Okay, obviously I do not take this to school, but I do buy a  bottle to keep on hand for those first couple of weeks back.  It's called Lucky Duck (my sister introduced me to it). You can only find it at Walmart and it is only $4 and it's good.  

2) A fantastic thermal lunch tote from Thirty-One.  It even has my name on it!
1) I *heart* new shoes! I haven't actually bought these yet, but I have my eye on them and I'm hoping they make it to my closet by the first day back. Aren't they cute?!?


  1. I just oggled over #10 and #7. I want to run to the store and get me some Mr. Sketch. (LOL.) Then I can make more anchor charts.

    #5... oh, gosh. I guess I will do this Thursday. I don't want to change the length of my hair much, but it needs to be layered. My hair is a really nice length right now (about 2-3 inches past my shoulders), but it is kind of... tired. As for a manicure, my nails look good. I just need to paint them a toned-down shade of pink.

    #7... I have some new bags, including the Nerds one from Disney (pictured in my latest post).

    #1... I purchased about five new pairs of shoes this summer, but I have an issue with my feet. My feet tend to sweat, so I need to take better care of my shoes this year.

  2. Great idea for a Linky Party!! I will be adding my post soon!

  3. This is my first linky party! Let me know if I managed to mess my entry up some how!

    <3, Meg
    "Full Time Teacher, Life Time Learner*

  4. This list is hilarious because it could double as my list. I use the flair pens, and even gave a complete set to my student teacher last year.

    And I am SO glad to hear that I am not the only teacher that doesn't share. My kids are constantly losing their things and they would never learn responsibility if I was constantly giving them whatever they've lost. I put stickers on mine so I can see who's snuck up to the board and grabbed one of my markers.

    I'm wearing my Toms right now but will use the new school year as an excuse to buy a new pair.

    And no 4th grade classroom is complete without a Sam's-sized bottle of Advil.

  5. Awesome! I am working on it right now.


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