August 22, 2011

Back to School Brain Dead

Okay, all this back to schoolness is clearly getting to my head and making me loopy. I guess I was a little too excited about my giveaway and announced my winner a little early...and by that I mean a whole week early.  Oops!  

I would like to thank Krista for commenting on my giveaway today.  I got the message on my phone and thought "that is so wierd...clearly, the giveaway ended." Except that according to my own rules, the giveaway actually ends August 27th.  Well done Amanda... well done.  It reminds me of something one of my students said today.  She said, "You should always use a pencil, just in case you make a mistake." Sound advice from a 4th grader.  I may not be able to erase my mistake, but I can try to rectify it.

So, it seems only fair to offer my prize twice. Mrs. B (my premature winner) if you are out there somewhere, please email me your information for your prize.  Everyone else...keep spreading the word and I will announce a new winner on the 28th.   Sorry for all the confusion!

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  1. I thought it would be hard to find a post to comment on... but this one made me smile.

    I have had similar experiences only to have a 5-year old say "it is ok, everyone makes mistakes, right?" Sometimes they are so smart!


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